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Masters of leads"

What is the mission?

As a member of the collect team, you are the master of leads, handily supporting the sweepstakes and surveys. Not only do our collect team members manage the operations associated with the product, but also advise and support each of the operation partners.

What does it take?

Possessing strong analytical skills, combined with the ability to maintain a strong corporate relationship, you have the ambition to become an expert in performance marketing. You’re not afraid of going beyond to achieve goals? You’ve come to the right place!

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Your campaigns at the heart of the business"

What is the mission?

To be part of the broadcast team, means to support each customer from A to Z in its traffic operations and collection. One of your main responsibilities lies within the maintenance of the client portfolio and the results of each campaign. Keeping our customers continuously satisfied, is at the top of our priorities.
Realization of media plans, performance analysis, optimization devices to reach customers and internal goals are at the centre of your professional life. You work in a young and dynamic team, united by the vision of your mutual goal.

What does it take?

Equipped with strong analytical skills and ability to maintain healthy corporate relations, our distribution representatives aspire to become experts in performance marketing. You’re saying you’re not afraid of pushing further to achieve goals? Welcome aboard!

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Remaining at the leading edge of innovation"

What is the mission?

We continuously aim to remain at the leading edge of innovation, and it is our Monetization account managers, who are central to our ability to remain in the digital limelight. The accounts managers take charge of managing customer databases, with the ultimate mission to generate income by distributing the carefully selected campaigns.

What does it take?

Database monetization requires great rigor, perfected analysis and strict organisation. Are you a talented analyst? A born marketer? Or perhaps both? If that is the case, please do join our team!

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Building long-lasting bonds"

What is the mission?

Each potential client is for you a challenge, and a separate mission to accomplish. You work within the sales team, interacting with all company departments! Being an all-around specialist in Natexo products, you are the only main point of contact for clientele within each market. Depending on your position, you ensure the development of the customer portfolio, accompany and advise your clients, and build loyalty through your expertise on our products. As a Business Developer, you trully are a fighter for new customers, as Key Account Manager, you build a lasting relationship with them!

What does it take?

At Natexo, trade primarily suggests great ambition, determination and convinction! Expert within the digital sector: CPL CPC, CPM, you speak the "language of performance", mastering the keys to good negotiation. Here’s how you develop lasting partnerships with larger companies.

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A good creation is the key to success"

What is the mission?

Within the production department, you design the visual and the technical structures of our campaigns. You understand client issues and create a suitable support. Your creations are key to the success of our campaigns. Show us what you got!

What does it take?

Being an excellent web designer, your strong interest in web marketing makes you a highly relevant creative for our team. If you are in constant strive for excellence, and enjoy to challenge your creative talents, this position may just be right for you! Do you think you are up for it? Let’s try!

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Research and Development

Development gurus"

What is the mission?

The members of our R&D team find themselves at the forefront of developing internal applications for innovative technologies. Their missions encompass coding, expanding and sharing their knowledge with the Development gurus!

What does it take?

The R&D representative are the few people who are able to speak PHP, C# and Symfony. As a member of this team, you have a strong passion for application development, which drives your motivation to master each project you undertake. If that’s your case, why not join our team at Natexo?

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Keeping our business on track"

What is the mission?

Truth be told, nobody at Natexo likes working with “astronomical” numbers as much the Finance team. Whether designing processes for the support of our international operations, providing a prospective analysis or managing our daily accounts, our accountants and finance professionals create the most innovative solutions to keep our business on track.

What does it take?

Passionate about numbers, our Finance team’s in-depth knowledge of the financial environment, ensures that the health of the company is successfully maintained. As a financial expert, it is your responsiveness, hard work and determination, which would make you the ideal member of our financial team! What do you think?

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Human resources

Making Natexo a family"

What is the mission?

We aspire to make Natexo a large family- an ambitious, challenging, and enjoyable environment to work in! One of our HR team’s primary missions therefore, is to find the best talent to join our international teams worldwide. Through the provision of daily support, our HR members further strive to make the work of other Natexians a pleasant daily experience.

What does it take?

Natexo’s HR members have a strong grasp of up-to-date, current HR issues. As a member, you understand the importance of our corporate values, and know how to transmit them to attract the needed talent to our teams. Do you have the potential? Why not join us in building our teams of tomorrow?

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Driving force behind all business aspects"

What is the mission?

Our rapid international expansion would not be possible without our ambitious managers. As a Manager, you are the driving force behind all operational and commercial aspects. Driven by results, you take responsibility for the entire market, it sure is an intriguing challenge to take on board!

What does it take?

Natexo’s Managers have impeccable management skills and are key players within the digital field. It is however the great ambition behind these qualities which makes-up a true Natexian Manager. Being highly strategic, but equally charismatic, our Managers’ vision drives our international teams across the globe, towards the achievement of our most ambitious goals. Do you tick the boxes? Come join, your team awaits!

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