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"Continuous development", "a variety of career prospects" and "surpassing own achievements" are the key phrases in Natexo! Our team is built upon solidarity, rigor and ambition ... If you find yourself under this description, come join us!

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Vivien Daniel’s interview

Vivien Daniel, Production Director for France and international at Natexo, shares with you his experience of working in Natexo.

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Patricia Becerra’s interview

Patricia Becerra, development director at Natexo, explains what she likes in her daily work and her involvement in the company’s expansion in the world.

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Sophie Gonçalves’ interview

Sophie Gonçalves, Head of Affiliate Operations, shares with you her experience and daily responsibilities within Natexo’s Diffusion division.

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Olivier Jousselin’s interview

Olivier Jousselin, International Sales Director at Natexo make you discover his missions and skills in a multinational company.

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Isabelle Lizotte’s interview

Isabelle Lizotte, Product Owner Monetization, shares with you her professional career in Natexo from Account Manager to Product Owner in the R&D department.

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Zak Rabary’s interview

Zak Rabary, Head of Accounting Group at Natexo, shares with you his missions and skills in a international organization.

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Guillaume Trillat’s interview

Guillaume Trillat, Head of Monetization, shares with you his experience and daily responsibilities within Natexo Spain.

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Gwenaëlle Daden’s interview

Gwenaëlle Daden, Managing Director in our subsidiary Taz Media, would like to describe how her history merged with that of Natexo Group.

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Daniela Hernandez’s interview

I really do like the organization required in my job and create actions plans. Generally, I love every aspect of my job

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