Our History

A smart company
in a powerful industry

Founded in 2008 Natexo specializes in email marketing acquisition through the collection of leads, the deployment of marketing campaigns on the email channel, and database monetization. With its headquarters located in the capital of France, overall the company spans internationally through its 8 subsidiaries: in Paris, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, LATAM, Poland and Brazil. In 2014 Natexo achieved a turnover of € 18 million with over 80 employees across the globe.

  • 2008

    Creation of Natexo

    The young entrepreneur Romain Piraux opens the first
    agency in the suburbs of Paris

  • 2010

    Position as Leader

    Within only 2 years, we achieve the status of being
    the key player in France: the world awaits

  • 2011

    Expanding the range of services

    Natexo grows along with its products, Natexo moves to

  • 2012

    First agency abroad: Barcelona

    Natexo begins taking on the world from the Spanish

  • 2013

    Italy and America!

    The "Big Apple" and "the moral capital of Italy",
    what can we say, we speak multiple languages.

  • 2014

    Poland, Netherland, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, ... !

    We’re only getting bigger, and that’s why we’re
    waiting for you to come join us !

  • 2015

    Acquisition of Taz Media

    The group is expanding inside the Monetization Industry

  • 2016


    Natexo is now going after a new continent!

  • 2016

    Acquisition of Leadiance

    Natexo becomes the biggest publisher in Europe

  • 2017

    The UK!

    Our European deployment continues

Who are we?

An international leader

Created in 2008 by Romain
Piraux, Natexo always aspired to
be a point of reference in the
digital industry.

Natexo is a consulting agency
providing acquisition of traffic
and qualified leads through
various products : Survey,
sweepstakes, and dedicated
emailing operation.

Due to its expertise, within
nine years of its existence,
Natexo has managed to establish
itself as the european leader
in database monetization.

Riding on the high wave
of the global boom in
e-commerce, Natexo has
expanded to various countries
around the world.

This could never have been
possible without the individual
teams. Undoubtedly experts
within their field, these teams
make-up the driving behind Natexo.